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Although, there is another force at work in this powerful, and emotional, book. Through her conversations with Shug, she comes to believe that God is in nature and in the self, and that divinity is found by developing the self and by celebrating everything that exists as an integrated whole.

She returns to the South, where she lives a spartan life of emotional wealth, working for poor black people in small, everyday ways. Purged from the old, defining victimization, Grange chooses sanctuary from white people and a self-determined life.

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Because of her unusually high intelligence, Meridian is offered a scholarship to Saxon College, and when she discovers that Truman attends college in Atlanta, his potential proximity becomes a motivating factor in her decision to accept it.

This new Celie eventually makes peace with Mr. Walker focuses far more on the internal struggles of black people and the black community than on the relationship between the races.

Alice Walker’s the Color Purple

However, this still adds to the fact that the characters are unprincipled, raging creatures, because Mr. The slightly biased view on the male characters in the novel is so because Walker only shows two good black, male characters; Samuel and Harpo.

Brown is constantly blaming others throughout his extract, he never accepts responsibility for the actions of black men; he merely shirks the blame to other people.

Again, Walker extracts the political from the personal. Moreover, the fact that Mr. As the anonymous critic argued, the novel is about black women, not about black men; they are but devices in the book which make the plot more substantiated and realistic for the reader.

Tante Rosie offers to help Hannah Kemhuff and prepares to go through the Voodoo ritual, which involves the collection of such objects as fingernails and hair clippings.

”The Color Purple” by Alice Walker Essay Sample

She decides to volunteer to work with the movement, more out of curiosity about what the people are like than from any political ideology. Choosing not to allow one environment to define her gives her the freedom to define herself.

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Throughout the story, several women are severely mistreated by men. In this book, Walker details her interracial marriage to Melvyn Rosenman Leventhala civil rights attorney who was also working in Mississippi. Novel A young, black, single mother becomes involved with the Civil Rights movement, coupling self-determinism with a commitment to poor black people in the South.

Moreover, the fact that Mr. The marriage between Samuel and Corrine also knows no cruelty, no violence or sexual abuse. Central to this development is the growing closeness of Celie and Shug. Meridian moved away from strict chronology, using vignettes as puzzle pieces. Novel A black tenant farmer achieves integrity from a life of oppression, and redemption through love and sacrifice.

”The Color Purple” by Alice Walker Essay Sample

So Celie goes and confides in God about her struggles. She breaks the pattern of violence and abuse for Celie. The men, by the end of the novel, become complete human beings just as the women do; therefore, the men are ready for relationships with women.

The rage can be seen throughout the novel in numerous forms; the words used by Walker, that are strong and emotive; the portrayal of the characters, from innocent, like Celie, to evil, like Mr.Struggle and Growth in Alice Walker's Color Purple Essay - Struggle and Growth in Alice Walker's The Color Purple The Color Purple depicts the struggle and growth of Celie, an uneducated slave of the South who became a victim of racism, sexual roles, men, and social injustices, in numerous letters that she writes as a diary.

”The Color Purple” by Alice Walker Essay Sample In The Color Purple, Alice Walker’s depiction of men has been seen by some as controversial. Walker seems to be attacking black men because of their mistreatment of black women. Essays and criticism on Alice Walker - Critical Essays.

Walker is at home in many literary forms, managing originality and innovativeness in whatever genre she chooses, be it poetry, essay, or. The Color Purple, by Alice Walker Essay examples - The Color Purple by Alice Walker is an epistolary novel criticized for its immoral and sensitive issues, such as incest, rape, and physical abuse.

Essay on The Color Purple By Alice Walker - “If you want to have a life that is worth living, a life that expresses your deepest feelings and emotions and cares and dreams, you have to. Essay on Abuse of Women in Alice Walker's Color Purple Words | 6 Pages.

The Abuse of Women in The Color Purple Alice Walker's The Color Purple is an excellent account of the life of poor black women who must suffer not only social ostracism due to gender and skin color but also women who suffer greatly at the hands of black men.

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