Book report over the outsiders

Occasional profanity includes "damn," "son of a bitch," "bastards," and "wiseass," and expect to see the middle-finger gesture.

Teen characters struggle amid tremendous obstacles: After the rumble, Dally and Ponyboy go to see Johnny, who dies, telling Pony never to lose his spirit.

Some of the teen characters appear and act drunk. The original cut of the movie was rated PG inbefore the PG rating existed.

It is a sign of how far the genre has evolved since that The Outsiders seems so tame today. Hinton wrote it when she was only sixteen years old. The references that allow the reader to determine the era are cultural: An author writing today might treat the issue of drinking and driving differently than Hinton did in the s.

The Outsiders Summary

The senselessness of all the violent events traumatizes Pony, but he deals with his grief and frustration by writing this book for all of the "Dallys" in the world.

Ponyboy and his two brothers — Darrel Darrywho is 20, and Sodapop, who is 16 — have recently lost their parents in an automobile accident. The novel is built around the class division between the Socs, "the abbreviation for the Socials, the jet set, the West-side rich kids" and the greasers a term that refers to the "boys on the East Side," who are "poorer than the Socs and the middle class".

They pass the time in the church playing cards and reading aloud from Gone with the Wind. She effectively utilizes foreshadowing and almost challenges the reader to anticipate what is coming next.

Characters drink, smoke, get in fights, harass schoolchildren, use knives and guns, and commit murder. But this story — which was written by a teen and focuses only on teens — touches every adult who reads it because the emotions and struggles the characters face are universal.

Dally dies, in fact, because he became a loner and broke away from his supportive greaser gang. Later, Dally calls to say that he has robbed a grocery store and is avoiding the police, who later kill him. Hinton's insight into teen angst may explain why adolescents identify with Ponyboy so strongly.

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Walking from the East Side to the West side would take approximately 20 minutes, according to the text, and from that information readers can infer the size. The juvenile delinquent characters are fully and humanely developed in this realistic look at life, death, and growing up, told from a teen's point of view.The quiz is about the book the Outsiders.

I have to make a test for school. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a book the author wrote while she was still in high school in the south and it is roughly accumulated on her own life. The story takes place in a minor, rural town in the s. The Outsiders In the book the Outsider by S.E.

Hinton Ponyboy is the main character, in the book he is mostly referred to as Pony. Pony has two brothers, Sodapop and Darry 2 / The Outsiders: Character Changes In literature, a character often changes from the. THE OUTSIDERS, Francis Ford Coppola's inspired adaptation of S.E.

The Outsiders Notes

Hinton's novel, combines a talented ensemble cast with an engaging story. It's in some ways a. Answer the wave book report with a writer david annual report. Fuller's english teacher and over the outsiders the outsiders questions.

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Multimedia book report scholarship essay form the outsiders – and editing services! Story comes to be asked to writing guide book review. Outsiders Book Report Essay. BOOK REPORT: “The Outsiders” 1. Hinton, S.E. The Outsiders.

New York: Puffin Books, 2. The title of this book relates to the story, because in the book, Ponyboy and Johnny are “outsiders.” They can be thought of as Outsiders because they are labeled Greasers although they do not act like hoodlums, like the rest of the Greasers.

Book report over the outsiders
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