Research paper on the attrition rate

Some of these deterrents include family, employment, finances, technology, instructor communication, feelings of isolation, and procrastination Kerka, A synthesis of the literature shows that educators have always felt that discussion adds value.

Research Hypothesis The main factors contributing to attrition rate in shared services organization are compensation and benefits, superior or the bosses and career growth and development.

Attrition Rate of Online Learning Paper

First of all, a determination of what is being done correctly, and what is not. As an example, data from a qualitative study conducted by Motteram and Forrester revealed that students have more or less unwittingly come to believe that because of the nature of online learning as being any-time and any-place, instructors are available on a basis, able to respond at any hour.

Parker believes that in order for learning to be successful, instructional media should be carefully selected. In other words, it does not make much sense to get students to a school if only one person is in charge of keeping them there. It may be difficult to distinguish among these groups of students, but a number of instructors and researchers believe that a sense of community helps with retention and, in cases of adult students, adds significantly to the learning and knowledge acquisition process.

Since online learners are found to be more mature and experienced, it is assumed that the reason in dropping the class results from careful reflection. As a result the university administrators have reviewed the findings and implemented a variety of changes, many in student affairs, in order to reduce the attrition rate Tinto.

Bates describes this communication as more equally distributed between students and instructors than in the past. Online education is well established as a viable means of education in both the corporate and academic environments, and it has taken a remarkable pace. Institutions retrieve student end-of-course data from students who persist and complete online courses.

Vincent Tintohas stated that a wide range of studies have been conducted over the last 30 years that provides definitive data as to what affects high attrition rate.

Two questionnaires were utilized to demonstrate course experience and academic engagement. However, taking into consideration that online education allows students opportunities to learn independently from anywhere at any time, and to construct and acquire learning at their own pace, online education provides many advantages for students beyond the classroom walls.

Non-verbal communication cues disappear, and since students converse at different times, spontaneous interaction is impossible. A39 and in order to succeed, the student must possess a level of confidence that does not require immediate feedback. The shortcomings of synchronous communications is in the logistics of getting the students together online at one time, students not participating in the faster paced chats because of poor typing skills, and less reflection time for students in formulating their answers Rovai pointed out that this learning-sharing connection among students could provide the learner with a feeling of support from their fellow students.

Their findings were that females completed at a higher rate than male students in an online but not face-to-face courses An instructor might assign group work, which will allow the student to get to know their fellow students, which will enhance the learning experience for the online student.

From her study, Price was able to conclude that women were more likely to outperform their male counterparts in online course settings. Various research studies have found a higher percentage of students taking online courses tend to drop those courses when compared to students taking traditional courses Frankola, ; Oblender, The researchers concluded that students regarded the synchronous interaction with an instant messaging system as beneficial in collaborating on group projects and as very helpful in creating a sense of community.

One major reason to study student satisfaction is completion rate of non-traditional students versus traditional students. However, simply being in college is not as easy as staying in college.

No specific agreement between students and instructors emerged, however, on how community building should be undertaken. At some point, the responsibility of students persisting in college moves from the students to that of the college administrations.

These students were all enrolled in at least one online course in the following areas: Asynchronous, or delayed time, interaction does not require students to simultaneously participate Rose, Through a survey of faculty at a midsize regional commuter campus in the Midwestern United States, an inventory had been established of the minimum technical competencies faculty members believe students should possess to be successful in Web-based instruction.

Several studies are discussed here which focus on successful retention efforts on college campuses. Lastly, demographic characteristics vary largely across the United States and should be taken into consideration when applying theory to practice.

As a course design strategy, the use of learning communities has helped reduce this attrition Diaz,and when students persist, they become more successful in their learning and persevere to graduation.Apr 22,  · Such attrition prevents a full intention to treat analysis being carried out and can introduce bias.

1,2 Attrition can also occur when participants have missing data at one or more points. We argue that researchers need to be more explicit about loss to follow-up, especially if rates are high.

Research Questions The research questions for the paper were: 1. What similarities and differences, in terms of demographics (age, gender, ethnicity), are present in non-traditional (online) students attrition rate?

MGMT Research Paper “Attrition Rate” Abban Osman 05/13/ Research Question: What factors create a high attrition rate in IT fields? Introduction: In order to properly answer this question I.

Previous research on attrition has focused on the economic consequences of low graduation rates in who take a long time to finish their degrees. even the standard six-year graduation rate calculation attrition, measured by education and related spending per student on credits that do not attach to a degree.

> Research Paper on the Attrition Rate in Financial Shared Services Organization. Research Paper on the Attrition Rate in Financial Shared Services Organization.

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Student Retention Research Paper Starter

Research on retention and attrition DECEMBER by J. Paul Grayson with Kyle Grayson Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation Sherbrooke Street West.

Research paper on the attrition rate
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