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Then, of course, Pipher invokes the Universal Mind, a monumental conceit: Pipher encouraged Monica to join clubs, begin to exercise in a healthy way and find a way to adjust to adolescence while maintaining her "true self". Violet 18 She was living in a homeless shelter after leaving foster care. Prudence 16 She was plump and bulimic.

Critical and public reception[ edit ] Reviving Ophelia was first published in and was well received by the public, evidenced by a three-year stretch on The New York Times Best Seller listincluding a period in the top rank. When Myra lashed out physically at Lois, the mother decided to go Reviving ophelia saving the selves of therapy with Myra.

She had overdosed on pills after her parents refused to buy her a car. Monica 15 She became depressed due to bullying at school about her weight.

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls

When Myra lashed out physically at Lois, the mother decided to go to therapy with Myra. Sex[ edit ] This section focuses on the effect of sex and gender roles on the lives of adolescent girls. Tammy 17 She came to therapy after her mother discovered her cutting her breasts with a razor.

Whitney initiated the request for therapy. Rita 16 She came in after being arrested for drunk driving. Christy 14 She was the child of Catholic parents.

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It might be interesting to revisit Ophelia now, since I always have infinitely more sympathy for groups of which I am not a member.

Reviving Ophelia offers girls' unmuted voices from the front lines of adolescence — personal and painfully honest.

Reviving Ophelia – Book Review

Tammy had begun cutting as a result of her abusive relationship with her boyfriend. Raising girls -- raising anyone! Holly 14 and her father, Dale: Pipher encouraged the parents to let Amy stay with her grandparents while they finalized the terms of the divorce.

She had also been sexually abused by her step-grandfather as a young child. Self-mutilation[ edit ] This section focuses on cases where, in their depression, adolescent girls turned to self-mutilation.

Jessica 15 and her mother, Brenda: Honestly, though, I'm sure this is a gross mischaracterization of everything in this book, which I honestly don't remember one bit.

Reviving Ophelia

I felt like someone was characterizing me as being way more screwed-up than I felt I was, and I was annoyed by some of the case examples, especially where they reminded me of troubled friends of mine who, I felt, were not well-served by a therapeutic culture that I saw at the time as potentially iatrogenic though I hadn't learned that fancy word yet!

Pipher indulges the Universal Mind fallacy: She did not return to therapy with Pipher. Raised in a liberal household that encouraged individuality, Rosemary became rebellious and self-conscious during adolescence. She came to therapy because her binging and purging had been interfering with her relationships with her boyfriend and her family.

Sexual violence[ edit ] This section focuses on the effect of sexual violence on the lives of adolescent girls and their families. Mary Pipher Why are American adolescent girls more prey to depressioneating disordersaddictionsand suicide attempts than ever before? Pipher encouraged Prudence to use her brother's memory as a way to motivate herself during her recovery from bulimia.

I could counter that the hundreds of girls I worked with for years, in programs, families, weeks-long wilderness work projects, classes, and tutoring were overwhelmingly healthy, optimistic, and happy—far from the one-dimensional mass of traumas Pipher depicts.

From a family considered stable, Lori is presented as a well-adjusted girl, in contrast to other case studies contained in the book.

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls

Pipher asked Terra to view her current abusive relationship in connection to the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. I felt at the time that it was making too much of girls' helplessness and sort of encouraging us to feel sorry for ourselves and to wallow in a sense of victimization, blaming our parents and "the media" for everything.

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I felt at the time that it was making too much of girls' helplessness and sort of encouraging us to feel sorry for ou This is a biased and thoughtless review, based on vague memories of a cranky adolescent's insensitive snap judgment, so you shouldn't pay any attention to it.

Drugs and alcohol[ edit ] This section focuses on the culture of substance use and its effect of adolescent girls. Abby graduated from high school with difficulty and Elizabeth was pregnant during her junior year of high school.Jan 01,  · In Reviving Ophelia, Dr.

Mary Pipher (), clinical psychologist, presents problems faced by American adolescent females in the 's. Rather than blaming the malfunctions of adolescents on the institution of the family, Pipher suggests that these problems are manifestations of growing up in a culture that sends mixed Pages: Drawing on her bestselling book, Mary Pipher explores the challenges girls face, and how media and popular culture shape their identities.

Jan 01,  · Buy a cheap copy of Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of book by Mary Pipher. At adolescence, says Mary Pipher, "girls become 'female impersonators' who fit their whole selves into small, crowded spaces." Many lose spark, interest, and even Free shipping over $Pages: Reviving Ophelia arms us with information we can use in helping our daughters grow to adulthood with their strength intact.” — Lincoln Star Journal “Pipher is an eloquent advocate [she] offers concrete suggestions for ways by which girls can build and maintain a strong sense of self.”.

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls covers a lot of the same ground as Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student. We read about adolescent girls struggling with depression, eating disorders, self-mutilation, premature sexual involvement, etc/5.

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls. Mary Pipher (, ) To Pipher, teenage girls occupy a lost, dead, chaotic world. “Girls know they are losing themselves.

Reviving ophelia saving the selves of
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