The spiritual genius of swami vivekananda essay

He was highly impressed to see the women of the progressive countries America, England and Japan working with men and, thereby, immensely contributing to national advancement.

Knowledge resides within him. Before his death on 4th of July inhe meditated for three hours at Belur Math. He wanted to create a bridge between the East and the West. Different results flow from each of these dimensions.

Swami Vivekananda

Faith has to be cultivated in man. The real substance of all religions lies in their principles and it is there, that unity of all religions can be seen. After school examination, he studied at the Presidency College, Calcutta.

But meditation is impossible without concentration.

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Vivekananda finds no fundamental difference between various religions. He was developed into the most effective personality under the environment of rational attitude of his father and religious temperament of his mother.

Like Socrates and Christ, he preached realised truths. He became very popular all around the world after delivering effective speeches and lectures at many places. Service is a watchword in Vedanta. He was born in North Calcutta Kolkata in an enlightened family in After hearing him we feel how foolish it is to send missionaries to this learned nation".

A non-believer nastik in God cannot proceed. He keenly felt the various practical problems of India which stood as insurmountable obstacles in the way of her progress and prosperity.

This is the only God that is awake, our own race, everywhere His Hands. And it is possible to have the intellect of a Shankara with the heart of a Buddha. Swamiji applied Vedanta to practical life. It is at this time that we realise the importance of Swami Vivekananda.

Swamiji laid emphasis on the development of integrated personality. He was a seer who perceived truth. It had encouraged caste exclusiveness, untouchability, and other Pernicious anti-human attitudes and practices, along with the cherishing of a bundle of superstitions and weakening ideas, and the divorcing of moral attitudes and acts from religion reduced to mere noisy and showy rituals.

It was religion of man and life. Having a photogenic memory he had verbatim familiarity with the Encyclopedia Britannica. In fact, he finds manifestation of God in man and he actually served God in man. He was very enthusiastic towards Hinduism and became very successful in creating new understanding among people about Hinduism both within and outside the country.

He was the first Indian nationalist who inspired the youth of India. The real substance of all religions lies in the principles and it is there, that unity of all religions can be seen.

Man is essentially psycho-physical in nature. Swamiji had deep faith in his countrymen.

Essay on swami vivekananda

These were twin organisations under the same management with its headquarters at Belur Math in the district of Howrah near Calcutta. Upanishads or Vedanta present religion as anubhava; experience, realization. The Ramakrishna Mission which he established provides manifold humanitarian services.

Thus, Swami Vivekananda has emphasised universalism and spiritual brotherhood.

Essay on Vivekananda: The Father of Religious and Spiritual Nationalism in India

He also favoured science education and training in ethical and spiritual life. He thinks that every religion is progressive. Brahmacharya improves the power of mind and helps power of retention. Early life — Birth and childhood left Bhubaneswari Devi — ; "I am indebted to my mother for the efflorescence of my knowledge.

Without real sympathy we can never teach well. Gokhale, and Netaji Subhas were greatly though indirectly influenced by Swamiji. May the teachings of Swamiji inspire and help us in the re-organisation of our present system of education on new lines.

What a strong spirit of detachment we had in those days!Swami Vivekananda was born on 12 January in Kolkata to Vishwanath Dutta and Bhubaneswar Vivekananda’ s childhood name was Narendranath Dutta.

His father was an Attorney-at-low in the Calcutta high court. Essay on life and works of swami vivekananda death Essay on the Life of Swami Vivekananda. Life: Swami Vivekananda was born on 12 th January, and Switzerland and.

the eve of th birth anniversary of great spiritual philosopher Swami Vivekananda, his philosophy on mystic death can enlighten and incite us for selfless love.

T he state of being dead means the state of being not yet in existence. Essay # Short Life-Sketch of Swami Vivekananda: 19th century India produced a galaxy of great men who have enriched our national life by their talent and personality.

Swami Vivekananda was one of them. His original name was Narendranath Dutta. He was born in North Calcutta (Kolkata) in an. Vivekananda's life and teachings are of inestimable value to the West for an understanding of the mind of Asia, says Swami Nikhilananda of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center, New York.

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The spiritual genius of swami vivekananda essay
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