The truth about hiv aids

When an insect such as a mosquito bites you it sucks your blood — it does not inject the blood of the last person it bit. On May 16,Eliza Jane Scovill died at age three. Crowded tenements, homeless shelters, jails, inadequate ventilation, and poor nutrition all facilitate the spread of this serious disease.

The incidence of drug use, i.

The Truth About Aids

The leading causes of death were wasting and respiratory conditions. Recently, in light of current knowledge, he has revised his conclusion and determined that "None of the AIDS as CBW theories [including the non splice theories] really holds up. In21 percent of black American children had harmful quantities of lead in their blood, compared with 8.

Discredited HIV/AIDS origins theories

However, you can always use a dental dam to eliminate these risks. Medical treatment can reduce HIV infection in many cases to a survivable chronic condition.

Shocking truth about AIDS exposed on World AIDS Day with

One study involving of them produced the following breakdown of drug use, usually in multiple combinations: That figure marks more unnecessary deaths in one year alone than the total number of US troops killed during the entire Vietnam War.

Only 1 provirus not the virus was found out of 1 million cells in only 1 out of 25 HIV-positive males. What's the use, believers ask, of making all the hard choices to avoid spreading or contracting the disease if the government is going to find a way to infect people anyway?

There are treatments, such as antiretroviral drugs ARVswhich enable most people to live a long and healthy life with the virus. What appeared to be an emerging epidemic amongst homosexuals, occurred as a result of three coincidental phenomena; the advent of the "drug culture" of the sixties, the use of amyl nitrite "poppers" and the visibility of the "gays" as a group when they "came out of the closet".

The literature since has delineated a new, more effective bleach method that entails using percent undiluted bleach as opposed to a 10 percent solution and holding the bleach or rinse water in the needle and syringe, while shaking and tapping, for a full 30 seconds for each step of the nine step process.

Time Out: The Truth About HIV, AIDS and You (1992)

Here are nine learnings from the documentary Ann Intern Med ; However, a complete understanding of the pathogenesis of a disease is not a prerequisite to knowing its cause. Duesberg hypothesis The vast majority of people with AIDS never received antiretroviral drugs, including those in developed countries prior to the licensure of AZT in The predicted epidemic has not occurred.

At the time of circumcision, men are counseled not to resume sexual activity until the wound has completely healed. Treatments at his Clayton, Georgia, clinic can span several weeks and cost thousands of dollars. There are also major differences in prevention, detection, treatment, and mortality for a host of other illnesses, such as high blood pressure, pneumonia, appendicitis and cancer.

PO-BJune Once a person has HIV, the earlier they are diagnosed, the sooner they can start treatment which means they will enjoy better health in the long term. A person is said to have AIDS when their immune system is too weak to fight off infection, and they develop certain defining symptoms and illnesses.

Using external or male condoms or internal or female condoms during sex is the best way to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Cantwell claims that these experiments were directed by Wolf Szmunessand that there was an ongoing government cover-up of the origins of the AIDS epidemic.

HIV can infect only homosexual men and drug users[ edit ] See also: But when a person is tested for HIV, multiple independent laboratory tests are used.Bronzeville resident Lauryn Scott has heard some outrageous beliefs about how a person contracts HIV/AIDS.

Her aim as an awareness advocate with the AIDS Foundation of.

'The Truth About HIV': 9 Learnings From The Show

Timor-Leste: The hidden truth about HIV and AIDS Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 05/12/ - If you were to consider the statistics alone, you would not believe that HIV infection was particularly problematic in Timor-Leste. The truth about HIV/AIDS Rachelle Miron The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is one of the most dangerous sexually transmitted diseases ever encountered.

The Truth About AIDS & Heterosexual Transmission

There have been many attempts to eradicate the virus (by drugs and vaccines), but the only success has been suppression of the virus. THE TIDE OF TRUTH Dissident Opposition in the Era Called “AIDS” By Steven James. New York City July The truth that was lost in the morning comes home in the evening.

the durban declaration. the vast majority of people working in the biomedical research area support the contention that hiv is the only cause of aids. The stigma today is that all homosexuals have HIV or AIDS, and that is not true.

The CDC’s information sheets regarding HIV infections is clearly misleading and only shows data reported by specific groups.

The truth about hiv aids
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